About Us

Since its founding in 1968 in Toronto, Canada, Brumall Manufacturing has been producing high quality electrical connectors for industry.  The company’s founding principle, “Quality at a Competitive Price,” continues to be its motto.

Today Brumall Mfg. operates a modern facility in Mentor, Ohio, producing dual rated (aluminum and copper) connectors, solderless lugs, Neutral Assemblies, splitter trough and box connectors, and power distribution blocks.

If a standard product is not an optimal solution, the company has the capability to design and test a custom product to meet specific customer requirements.

Continuing its quest for quality at a competitive price, Brumall Mfg. operates high throughput precision machining centers and automated assembly machines.  The company also has equipment to produce small runs and customized parts.  Brumall Mfg. utilizes in-house testing for new or special applications to meet customer needs and minimize time-to-market.